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I'm not bored with life, but I do want to change my hair… - Why is love so hard to find? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 19th, 2005|11:26 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Caught Up - Usher]

I'm not bored with life, but I do want to change my hair color. Ugh, lucky Ashlee Simpson. She didn't need to ask her mom to color her hair or anything.. I think I want to color my hair auburn or a lighter shade of brown, but I highly doubt my parents will allow it. And if not, I'm getting on my knees and begging for color contacts. Possibly a greenish-hazel color. Ooh baby. :)

So, my day was allright. I woke up at 7 because of my lack of sleep. I was rushing around the room 5 minutes before my mom came to bring me to school, but I was still ready. We started with second period.. had no homework there. Then I went to PE, and that was okay, we just played volleyball. Now there's some stupid rumor that I'm talking trash about two friends of mine. That was really random.. and it's really dumb to start that. What would I even say? Haha. My school is so dramatic.. THAT'S WHY I WANNA MOVE TO VALLEJO. Haha, but that's another story... In fourth period- Science, we got started on the Chapter 4 test. It seems kind of easy; we have to make a compound machine that could make you open a door from across the room while you're still lying in bed. Language Arts? I left in the beginning to go to the office to buy a new binder reminder because either someone stole it or I left it somewhere.. It made me really sad, but I had to do it. *Sigh. I MISS MY OLD ONE. I wrote down EVERYTHING in that thing. So anyway, we started reading "The Diary Of Anne Frank", and I'm playing Margot. Turns out that she's the quiet character, which sucks, because everyone knows how much I love talking in class. ;D I didn't get to read today, but I will tomorrow for sure. I had first lunch, and.. um, that was okay, I guess.

The hot new guy is kind of cocky. Hahaha. When two girls were play-fighting and stuff, they stopped and hugged each other, showing that they were only kidding, and he was like.. "Hah, they're trying to show-off in front of me..", and I just stood there like, "Ok. *Holds in a laugh*".

Julia and I walked around talking 'coz we felt like it, and she mentioned that she would look and people and think about what their occupation would be in the future, and she said I'd be a fashion designer. Hahaha. I didn't expect that, but that'd be really cool. Speaking of fashion designing.... PROJECT RUNWAY IS SUCH AN AWESOME SHOW. Yep. Just needed to get that out. Ok, so, after lunch, came Math, which is probably the best class I had today. Jenika, Evan, and I were telling each other jokes the whole period. Mostly "Yo Mama" jokes and those Filipino & blonde jokes.. (No offense; I'm Filipino, so I'm allowed. And Evan is blonde, so that was allowed too!) and it was hilarious. Choir came last.. auditions for the concert solos were held today, and everyone did really great. For "Wizard Of Oz", I got Glenda's solo.. Whoooohoo! I really wanted Dorothy, but now that I think about it.. Glenda's even better. :D

Hula was fun today.. but I was really tired for some reason. We did the bird dance.. and the other one.. Agh, sorry, I keep forgetting the names. After hula, I called up Cj (Chriselle) and talked to her.. then when I got home, I went online.. then talked to Gerald (Mandap) on the phone.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.. I got a letter from the school district that I'm taking tests to represent my school. Something like that. But I'm not the only one doing it. So.. bleh. I don't wanna do it, but I don't have a choice.

dfihgskdurhtkuirgzsjrtisuerht. I'm so tired. Take care & God Bless. <3